Succulent Planters, Set of Four. Item A

$ 55.00

THIS LISTING IS A MIDSUMMER INVENTORY REDUCTION SALE.  Individually the planters sell for $25, but this set of four is $55.  That's a 45% discount. 

I make a lot of planters for succulents, but usually for my own use or for gifts.   I offer a set of four small succulent planters, or what ever you choose to plant.  They are made of durable stoneware and have good drainage, which is needed when growing succulents.  They all come with saucers. Two examples are included from my own collection. 

All 4 planters are glazed in one of my glazes which I named Iceberg White.  Almost a white, but with very cool pale blue tint.   These are small planters ranging from 3 1/2 to 5 inches across the top.

I have been told by customer that they make great small gifts for their plant loving friends and their children's teacher, just to name a few. 

Thank you for looking.

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