New Glaze Sample Set #2

$ 75.00

I have put together five pieces covered in one of my old glazes.    recently revived from 30 years ago. It is called Mother of Pearl and is aptly named.  My photos really don't do this glaze justice.  This glaze varies greatly in appearance depending on a thick or thin application,  but it's always pleasing.   The pieces offered are a mix of porcelain, and white stoneware.  There are a three bowls of various sizes, for individual servings and a small dish and plate.

The splashes of color are a red glaze that give a variety of blues when applied to Mother of Pearl.  Occasionally some of the red will pop through. 

This glaze has become very popular in the shop, but I haven't offered it online. Here is an introductory offer, to obtain a few pieces at an introductory price.  

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